Substance Use & Recovery Services

Our Substance Use & Recovery Services Program provides an accepting and nurturing environment for individuals and families facing substance use, addiction, and related issues. We work with the participant to gain a deep understanding of where they have been, to gain the confidence to develop their authentic self, and to regain connections in the absence of addictive behaviors. 

MOSAIC Family Counseling Center strives to help clients heal the trauma that precedes and accompanies addiction by taking a closer look at what causes the trajectory of addiction using a strengths-based approach. The Program coordinator and staff are passionate about trauma-informed care and have specialized training in substance use and addiction. There are several services provided within the substance use and recovery services program from education, to evaluations, individual and family services, and more; each is outlined below.

We're so glad you're here seeking information to help yourself or a loved one. This first step is often so difficult, but we are here to support you on your journey to healing!

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