Systems Training for Emotional Predictability & Problem Solving

What is STEPPS?

STEPPS is a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy group to help manage high emotions or Emotionally Intense episodes. It is a therapeutic group that includes a skill building process that builds upon each other. One week to the next for 22 weeks the client will learn how to be more in control of their emotions and be less effected by life's challenges. 

To gain the most from this program participants will:

• Continue therapy with current psychotherapist
• Attend all sessions
• Complete homework
• Engage in skills training with each other
• Focus on the present
• Learn positive communication skills
• Learn listening skills
• Experiment with new, positive behaviors

We provide STEPPS groups for Adults, Adolescents, and Parents.
Open and Affirming.

STEPPS Groups begin in Spring and Fall

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