School-Based Mental Health

MFCC provides School Based Mental Health to the Des Moines Public School District, in select schools. We strive to provide the same high quality mental health treatment in an accessible way, in your child's school. Our therapists are onsite, collaborating with parents and teachers to support your child's growth and healing. Mental health therapy utilizes each student's health insurance and is ongoing to address the student's symptoms and meet needs.

Do you have a child that would benefit from seeing a therapist at school?

We are providing school-based mental health services at:

  • Samuelson Elementary
  • Cowles Montessori
  • Merrill Middle School
  • Downtown Elementary School
  • Winterset High School

MOSAIC FAMILY Counseling Center Inc. partners with DMPS to provide individual therapy in a school-based setting. MOSAIC FAMILY Counseling Center Inc. is its own independent agency. Our therapists are not employees of DMPS. School-based therapy is convenient as children will receive services in their school during the school day. It is important for parents to be actively involved in their child’s therapy as well, and the therapist will contact parents regularly and parents may communicate with the therapist by calling our office. 

To start school-based therapy services with MOSAIC FAMILY Counseling Center Inc. you need to:
Schedule an intake appointment (initial assessment) with the therapist by calling 515-724-8920. Office staff is available Monday – Friday from 8 AM- 5 PM. The intake appointment can take place at the school or in our office (6200 Aurora Ave., Suite 305E, Urbandale, IA 50322). A parent must be present for this appointment. Completed intake paperwork must be turned into MOSAIC FAMILY Counseling Center Inc. before the appointment. To protect confidentiality and for the purpose of accuracy do not provide the completed paperwork to the school.

Intake paperwork includes:

  • A copy of your child’s insurance card
  • A copy of a parent’s ID
  • Service agreement
  • Financial agreement
  • Email agreement
  • Release of information to your child’s primary care physician (optional)
  • Release of information for Des Moines Public Schools

After the initial assessment, your child will begin receiving services during school hours at their home school. Therapy services continue at school during breaks or you may choose to see the therapist in the office. 

Not sure if or what type of help your child needs? We are also contracted with Des Moines Public Schools to work with children under the Student Assistance Program.
You can go to our Student Assistance Program page or call us to find out more.

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