Having trouble slowing down?
Stress, anxiety, or racing thoughts?
Feeling disconnected from yourself?

Join us and begin the journey back to yourself.

Yoga with emphasis on mental health can teach your brain and body to slow down, stay in the present, and get out of your head. Our yoga class is a therapeutic approach to support healthy mind and body connection. It is focused inward on genuine self-connection, care, and love. Although you will use your body in a gently flowing way, our class is not about getting a workout. We create a safe and non-judgmental space to explore movement and create mindful experiences.

NOTICE: Mosaic Yoga is on Summer Break

We had such a great time launching this program and trying out new ideas and getting to know you all! As with most programs of this nature, in the summer we see a significant decline in participation. In light of this, in order to give you the absolute best, we are taking a break and getting ready for our glorious return in the fall.

Thank you all so much for a wonderful indoor yoga season! We look forward to unveiling all of the coming improvements and seeing you and your friends in the fall.
Be Well!

Meet Stephie Clemens, our certified Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Instructor