Internship Program

MFCC provides a structured intern program. Students in their master's programs (marriage and family therapy, mental health counseling, and social work), are provided supervision and opportunities to learn how to provide therapy, diagnose, prepare treatment plans, work with diverse populations, collaborate with other professionals, etc.  All of this, while being a part of our team, interns are incorporated into daily MFCC life. 

  • You can expect there will be a challenging learning curve and a lot of supervision.
  • You can to expect to be full engaged in your learning through the end of your internship semester.
  • You can expect to have several experiences of working with many populations and presentations with individuals/families/children and groups.
  • You will learn about private practice, how to manage an EMR (electronic medical records) System, what trauma informed care is about and study time for the board exam.
  • You will learn the administrative duties we all have, including how to manage a chart and auditing your work for best practice.
  • You will learn how to manage your schedule and how to balance self care with client need.
  • Your experience will be in a dynamic environment that gives you some structure and guidelines as you develop and gain autonomy. 

Our goal is to nurture you as you grow.
When you leave your internship, you will know what it is like to work in a cooperative practice.
We take you in as part of our Mosaic Family.

***NOTE: Due to confidentiality and continuity of our group programming, we are no longer accepting stand alone observations of group therapy sessions.

We allow group involvement for interns involved throughout their internships/practicums.

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