Couples and Family Psychotherapy

Couples Psychotherapy

In couples’ psychotherapy, clients can expect to learn tools to enhance the quality of their relationship. Building better communication skills, accepting conflict as a good thing in a relationship, and working toward repair attempts after conflict are all areas of focus in couples’ psychotherapy. The psychotherapist will take a neutral stance with clients to help evaluate the personality styles and dynamics between individuals in the relationship. At times it may be necessary to hold individual sessions with each member of the couple to work through goals and identify what each member hopes to accomplish from therapy (The Gottman Institute).

Family Psychotherapy

In family psychotherapy, a client can typically find a psychotherapist who has experience or specific training in family therapy. The therapist will utilize a systemic perspective when working with a family, with each member working together as an interconnected whole. Family therapy incorporates how each individual works in the family system and considers the relational aspects of the family system. The therapist’s goal is to focus on how each member interacts with one another, how the relationships are between members, and the communication patterns they use. Focusing on strengths and identifying emotions and emotional states are also important aspects in family psychotherapy (The Gottman Institute).